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Markets and Finance
RBI crackdown fails to deter bitcoin traders

Aniket Patel is a teenager who has just finished his board exams, but spends more time checking the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) website than figuring out what his results will be. Patel is a bitcoin investor who saves pocket money to invest in bitcoin, the most popular virtual currency. His holdings are now almost twice the initial investment, but he is in it for the long haul, he says. Ever since the Indian central bank cracked down on virtual currency exchanges earlier this month, Patel has been visiting the RBI website regularly to check for further directions from the regulator in the hope that its order will be reversed or, at least, eased.

News Source:- http://www.business-standard.com/article/finance/business-as-usual-rbi-crackdown-fails-to-deter-cryptocurrency-traders-118041500623_1.html