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Corporate News
Uber wants to be the top player in India as Ola looks at overseas market

As the tussle continues between India's biggest cab service aggregators, Uber and Ola, the two are pitching themselves to their common chief investor SoftBank. Both have taken a diametrically opposite tact to show they have potential to be the biggest. Bengaluru-based Ola is starting operations in seven Australian cities. It plans to enter the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, US-based Uber has renewed its focus on India. Uber's executive leadership team (ELT), the core management committee that runs the company, is planning multiple trips to India to better understand the market.

News Source:- http://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/uber-steps-up-india-play-as-ola-looks-overseas-market-118041600049_1.html