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Corporate News
Air India Express Plans Expansion Of Fleet

Air India Express is preparing a 10-year vision document as it looks at expanding its fleet and flying to more foreign destinations, a senior airline official said. The plan is being prepared amid the government working on a roadmap for disinvestment in Air India, the debt laden parent of the low-cost carrier which remains bullish on growth prospects. While the national carrier has been in the red for long, Air India Express remained in the black for a second consecutive year, posting a net profit of Rs. 296.7 crore in 2016-17."It is business as usual" and the the airline would keep growing, Air India Express CEO K Shyam Sundar said in response to queries on whether there are business uncertainties in the wake of Air India disinvestment decision.On future plans, he said the carrier would expand its aircraft fleet and fly to more overseas destinations.

News Source:- http://profit.ndtv.com/news/corporates/article-air-india-express-plans-expansion-of-fleet-1725357