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Fed chair Powell signals recession may be price to pay for crushing inflation

Federal Reserve officials gave their clearest signal yet that they’re willing to tolerate a recession as the necessary trade-off for regaining control of inflation. Policy makers, criticized for being too late to realize the scale of the US inflation problem, are moving aggressively to catch up. They raised interest rates by 75 basis points on Wednesday for the third time in a row and forecast a further 1.25 percentage points of tightening before year end. That was more hawkish than expected by economists. In addition, officials cut growth projections, raised their unemployment outlook and Chair Jerome Powell repeatedly spoke of the painful slowdown that’s needed to curb price pressures running at the highest levels since the 1980s. “Powell’s admission that there will be below-trend growth for a period should be translated as central bank speak for ‘recession,’” said Seema Shah of Principal Global Investors. “Times are going to get tougher from here.”

News Source:- https://www.financialexpress.com/economy/fed-chair-powell-signals-recession-may-be-price-to-pay-for-crushing-inflation/2683848/