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Home-grown scooter brand LML set to sail overseas in all-new avatar

LML - a popular home-grown scooter brand of yesteryears - is set to sail overseas in an all new avatar with its current owners firming up plans to commence sales of electric two-wheelers in the European Union starting next year. SG Corporate Mobility, which acquired the LML brand last year, is readying for launch three products - an e-bike, a hyperbike and electric scooter - in 2023. While the first two products will also be on sale in India, the primary target markets will be countries in the European Union and the United States. SG Corporate Mobility makes consumer electronics.

News Source:- https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/renewables/home-grown-scooter-brand-lml-set-to-sail-overseas-in-all-new-avatar/articleshow/94359026.cms