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India's share of global merchandise exports at an all-time high: Report

India is gaining share in manufacturing exports and share of global merchandise exports is now at an all-time high, Credit Suisse said in a report. Gains in commodities may not last, but momentum should persist in electronics (large market size, opportunities for share gains, policy support) and specialty chemicals (a decade of steady growth has brought scale to firms). In textiles, exports are growing after a decade-long stagnation, currently mostly in upstream yarn/fabric, but order-books for apparel are strengthening too. The opportunity in autos is as much local (strong demand growth gives scale), as potential share gains as global industry disrupts (new OEMs, business models and supply chains), the report said.

News Source:- https://www.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/india-s-share-of-global-merchandise-exports-at-an-all-time-high-report-122011301267_1.html