Liquidation as a going concern is an effort to maximise value & save firms under insolvency | INTERVIEW

In an effort to maximize the value of a company undergoing insolvency proceedings, the bankruptcy court has allowed for liquidation of the company as a going concern. This amendment tries to stitch all the assets of the company as a whole, in a last-mile attempt to save the business as a whole. Explaining how the newly introduced liquidation process works, Nitin Jain, Senior Partner at AAA Insolvency Professionals LLP, said that the main objective is to maximise value for creditors. Nitin Jain is the official liquidator for PSL Group — recently liquidated as a going concern. PSL, a manufacturer of pipes used in the oil and gas sector, became a Non-Performing Asset in 2012. The company still had operational plants and clients, and several workers on board. During the corporate insolvency resolution, PSL received no resolution plan, which is when the Committee of Creditors along with the resolution professional met and decided to liquidate it as a going concern.

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