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Economic recovery still shallow, a month’s national lockdown can dent GDP by 2%: Report

India’s economic recovery is still “shallow” and a month’s national lockdown to curb the rising pace of COVID-19 infections can dent the GDP by up to 2 per cent, an American brokerage warned on Tuesday. Analysts at BofA Securities said there has been a six-times increase in the number of infections to over 1.03 lakh, and state governments have responded with localised lockdowns till now. A national lockdown, which it reckoned as a “last resort”, if declared, can have deep impact on the growth process, which is still “shallow”, it said.

News Source:- https://www.financialexpress.com/economy/economic-recovery-still-shallow-a-months-national-lockdown-can-dent-gdp-by-2-report/2228105/