Analysts expect high slippages in banks’ Q4 results after SC verdict

As banks report their first set of quarterly earnings after the Supreme Court vacated an interim stay on the recognition of fresh bad loans, slippages could be elevated in Q4FY21, analysts said. Lenders could also reverse some amount of interest income, which could get reflected in their net interest income (NII) numbers. Kotak Institutional Equities (KIE) expects NII growth to be 18% year on year (YoY) for banks. “On the net interest income line, we see a higher level of one-off income recognition (due to NPL recovery) and income de-recognition (slippages recognised in this quarter on a cumulative basis for lenders who have not done it previously),” the brokerage said, adding that treasury income would be lower, too. Reported slippages would be elevated, KIE said, but banks were not expected to report a worrying ratio, given the improvement seen in economic recovery in recent quarters. “We expect overall NPL (non-performing loan) ratios to remain significantly lower than RBI projections, considering that we have seen significant recovery of bad loans from a few companies (steel and infrastructure),” KIE said. Reported write-offs could be high as well.

News Source:- https://www.financialexpress.com/industry/banking-finance/analysts-expect-high-slippages-in-banks-q4-results-after-sc-verdict/2228296/