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Interview | India is OLX’s second biggest market; 75% growth coming from non-metros: Sushil Kumar

Covid and following lockdown have brutalized internet businesses in India and the world barring few types like education, grocery, healthcare etc. Post easing of lockdown restrictions, many are yet to crawl back to the pre-Covid level including buying and selling of second hand goods or classifieds. While e-commerce has managed to recover from the Covid impact in less than the expected time window, classifieds businesses like OLX, which has India as its second biggest market, are also gradually recovering. Sushil Kumar, General Manager, OLX India tells Financial Express Online’s Sandeep Soni about the company’s unexpected recovery, growth from India’s hinterland, impact of backlash faced by Chinese firms in India and more.

News Source:- https://www.financialexpress.com/industry/sme/interview-india-is-olxs-second-biggest-market-75-growth-coming-from-non-metros-sushil-kumar/2083888/