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Maruti returns to monthly sales of over a lakh in July; 88.2% rise over June

Maruti Suzuki on Saturday informed it had sold a total of 108,064 units in the month of July, including one lakh units in the domestic market itself. While this may still be short of its performances in pre-Covid times, it may point to good times possibly returning for India's largest car maker. Maruti said July's sales figure is just a 1.1% fall when compared to figures from July in 2019. More importantly, it is a massive 88.2% jump over sales figures from just a month earlier. Sales have been picking up gradually after an unprecedented April when Maruti and almost every other OEM reported either zero or negligible sales owing to the national lockdown in place to check the spread of Covid-19.

News Source:- https://auto.hindustantimes.com/auto/news/maruti-returns-to-monthly-sales-of-over-a-lakh-in-july-88-2-rise-over-june-41596260498573.html