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The Chinese challenge is here to stay. Here are some steps India can quickly take to counter it

We’re all satellite imagery experts now. We know how many tents the Chinese are erecting at the junction of Galwan and Shyok rivers in eastern Ladakh, can plot their precise locations and extrapolate their intentions. But we’re yet to admit a fundamental truth to ourselves. The Chinese are not going anywhere. After the casualties suffered by both sides on the night of June 15 they have only come in larger numbers, amassed troops and artillery, ranged all along the boundary in Ladakh. The fact that we’re debating over whether they are 100m out or 200m in is exactly what China wants us to do. Military commanders may continue to meet, joint secretaries can go over the same ground about returning to the status quo ante, it’s not working where it should. China has absolutely no reason to go back from areas they occupy, just because Indians feel outraged.

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